About Alpacas

Alpacas are known as "The world's finest livestock investment". Around the world, alpacas are in strong demand, for which people pay premium prices. There are excellent profit opportunities and tax advantages available to alpaca owners. Livestock, or animals raised for profit, were an investment long before financial stocks were sold on the market. Today, wealth as a result of livestock ownership is not common, but tending to a peaceful herd of alpacas is an exciting way to earn a substantial cash flow and enjoy a rewarding lifestyle. Alpacas offer an outstanding choice as a livestock investment; they are always bullish on the market. Alpacas are easy keepers, have a charismatic manner, do very well on small acreage and they produce a luxury product, which is always in high demand. Alpaca textile products made from their luxurious fiber is recognized worldwide. The fleece, superior to cashmere, is known for its fineness, light weight and luster.

When alpacas are shorn yearly their fiber is produced into products of natural shading or synthetically dyed as it takes color well.

Around the world livestock shearing has become a community affair. It has evolved into an event similar to that of the fall harvest amongst the farming communities. A party like atmosphere surrounds "shearing day" on any farm. For more information about alpacas, visit our History of the Alpaca page.